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How to select a wedding photographer in Belfast?

Updated: Sep 13

Wedding Photographer Belfast
Wedding Photographer Belfast

Unlike the work of your other wedding vendors (music, flower arrangements, cake etc.), your wedding photographs aren't things you can hear, smell, taste or even see before they have been actually shot. You don't really know what you're getting till it has been actually done. This means careful selection based on research regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal demeanour are extra important when choosing your photographer.

Wedding Photographer Belfast
Mixed Wedding at Larchfield Estate

We strongly believe that better informed customers means better results, and is something which both the clients and the service providers appreciate. In our opinion, following is a list of tentative questions one should ask before deciding which photographer to pick, for ones wedding. To make it simple where we stand vis-a vis the self check, we have even given our answers too.

Question : Do you have my date available?

The easiest way to know is by sending us a message, Please click here to send us an email.

Question : Do you have a price list? Does it give detailed information regarding each package?

Yes, we have a price list. Please email us and we will be pleased to forward it to you. It does give detailed information regarding each package in the form of a comparison table which makes the choice easier.

Question : Do you provide full-day coverage (from the bride's house until the newly weds leave their reception)?

Yes, our Silver and Gold package cover full day.

Question : Do you have an assistant?

Yes, for Silver and Gold packages, we will always have Ash as the main photographer and an assistant with a professional camera, Ash's daughter, who is 22 and is a QUB graduate, accompanies him sometimes and is also able to create professional quality videos. Otherwise it is a professional from the industry hired as an assistant for the day. If you are being offered a custom built package with some elements of Silver and some from the Basic package, we will state this clearly at the outset whether the package includes two photographers or one.

Question : Do you shoot in the photo-journalistic style? If you do, will you also do some traditional wedding photos?

Yes, we always shoot a mix of both traditional as well as photo-journalistic style. We discuss this in detail at the time of the booking.