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Modelling Portfolio Shoot for Nadia

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Great visual presentation is important in all professions and industries. But when it comes to modeling, it’s an absolute must. Models need an impressive portfolio to represent themselves online and distinguish themselves from others in the field. A high-quality modeling portfolio can make all the difference - and we created just one beautiful portfolio for Nadia.

Nadia contacted us to book a modelling portfolio shoot. Ash had a discussion with Nadia re what type of modelling she wanted to do and her aspirations vis a vis the benefit of having the portfolio. Ash asked Nadia about the budget she had for such a shoot and shared the link of the modelling page on our website for her to select a modelling portfolio package of her choice i.e.

Once Nadia decided what package she wanted to go for, a few pages of guidance re preparation before the photo shoot were shared with her and a date was agreed as per her convenience. She was also sent a suggestive packing list of things to bring on the day for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, Nadia arrived at the studio just as the professional make up artist for the day i.e. Binder Tohani did. After being offered tea/coffee, Nadia unpacked the clothing changes she had brought and planning re the first look and shot was done. Soon after Binder started with Nadia's make up and hair which took about 45 minutes.

From there on time just flew past as Ash shot Nadia in many styles and poses.

Nadia was given a 20 page professional quality printed photobook and a 6"x4"print of approx 30 professionally edited high resolution pictures and a soft copy of portfolio in pdf version.

Happy with the results, Nadia was very kind to leave the following review on MagicEye Design's google page

"Highly recommend, it’s been a pleasure to work with, as Ash is very supportive, responsive, fully committed to you and to the process and do the job 100% high-quality.

The atmosphere in the studio is pleasant and comfortable. Ash will always help with advice and adjust to you and your abilities.

It seemed as i have known him for many years, how warm the communication and work was. Even after, Ash will never refuse advice and help"


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