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Talent, skill and hard work, resulting in photographs which make a difference, with a happy customer

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

MagicEye Design was recently asked to take pictures of the recently refurbished and reopened St. Comgall's Primary School, on the Falls Road in Belfast, which is now a multi-purpose facility to include office accommodation, function/conference hall, opening out onto a restored central courtyard. The accommodation also provides for a permanent visitor attraction outlining the history of the local area and a café and information point creating a vibrant energetic atmosphere for the user.

The client had initially used another photographer and reached out to us as found the pictures taken and delivered by the other photographer, as not reflecting or justifying the beauty and the character of the building.

Below are some of the pictures we were able to deliver to customer in a short space of time.

Below are some of the pictures shot by the another photographer for comparison.

At MagicEye Design, we make sure our work is not run-of-the-mill or mediocre and we would go to any lengths to make it stand out and our work is of real value to our customers. Some of differences between the two i.e. the work shot by us and another local photographer, as pointed out and noticed by our client were:-

  • We listened to the client's brief and highlighted the features / USPs of the refurbished building.

  • The distortion caused by the wide angle lenses can easily be fixed which we did so that the angles, the walls, pillars look straighter as would be seen by human eyes.

  • Dark areas can easily be lit and a professional photographer must be able to do it.

  • Proper equipment : As MagicEye Design has one of the best professional photography studios in Northern Ireland, we have all the necessary equipment and resources to cover any project and deliver results to 100% satisfaction of our customers, in this case, the customer was not only satisfied, but very happy!


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