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Why get wedding dance lessons for yourselves and even children?

Your wedding day is not only a celebration of love between you and your partner but also a moment to cherish with your children. Including your children in your wedding dance can create heartfelt and lasting memories for the entire family. Whether you have young kids or teenagers, involving them in this special moment can make your wedding dance even more meaningful. To help you create a beautiful and memorable experience, here are some tips on how to involve your children in your wedding dance.

1. Choose a Family-Friendly Song:

The first step to involving your children in your wedding dance is to choose a family-friendly song. Look for a song that speaks to the love and unity of your family. Consider lyrics that convey the importance of family bonds and the journey you are embarking on together. By selecting a song that resonates with your family, the dance will become a cherished memory for both you and your children.

Once you have chosen the perfect song, plan a special dance routine that involves your children. Depending on their ages and comfort levels, you can create a simple routine or a more elaborate one. Involve your children in the planning process and consider their input to make them feel included and excited about the dance.

3. Rehearse Together:

Practice makes perfect, and rehearsing the dance together as a family will not only ensure a polished performance but also provide quality bonding time. Schedule regular rehearsals with your children and make them fun and enjoyable. Consider turning it into a fun activity with snacks and rewards to keep them engaged and enthusiastic about the dance.

4. Customize the Dance:

Tailor the dance routine to suit your family's dynamics and personalities. If you have young children, incorporate simple steps that they can easily follow. For older kids, let them take on more significant roles in the routine and showcase their individuality through dance moves. The key is to make the dance feel comfortable and natural for everyone involved.

5. Capture the Moment:

Your wedding day will pass by in a whirlwind of emotions, and it's essential to capture the moments you want to cherish forever. Hire a professional photographer or videographer to document your wedding dance. These precious photos and videos will serve as treasured mementos that you and your children can look back on with fondness for years to come.

6. Incorporate Surprise Elements:

To make the dance even more memorable, consider incorporating surprise elements that your children will love. For example, you could have a confetti shower during the dance or invite other family members or friends to join in at a certain point. These surprises will add a sense of excitement and joy to the performance.

7. Consider Dance Lessons:

If you're looking to create a more polished and coordinated performance, consider taking dance lessons as a family. Professional instructors can help you choreograph the perfect routine and provide guidance on improving your dance skills. Taking dance lessons together will not only prepare you for the wedding dance but also create fun memories leading up to the big day.

8. Focus on the Emotions:

While the dance itself is essential, focus on the emotions and meaning behind the performance. The wedding dance is a symbol of love, unity, and the start of a new chapter for your family. Embrace the moments of laughter, hugs, and tender expressions during the dance, as these are the things that will truly touch your hearts and those of your loved ones.

9. Practice at the Venue:

If possible, schedule a rehearsal at the wedding venue with your children. This will allow them to get comfortable with the surroundings and the dance floor, reducing any nervousness they may feel on the actual day. Practicing at the venue will also give you a chance to make any adjustments to the routine if needed.

10. Share the Spotlight:

Remember that your wedding dance is just one of the many special moments of the day. Consider involving your children in other aspects of the wedding, such as the ceremony, speeches, or cake cutting. Sharing the spotlight throughout the day will create a sense of inclusion and significance for your children.


Involving your children in your wedding dance is a beautiful way to celebrate the love and unity of your family. By choosing a family-friendly song, planning a special routine, and practicing together, you can create a meaningful and memorable experience for everyone involved. Whether you opt for a simple dance or an elaborate performance, the most important thing is to cherish the moments shared with your children on this special day. As you dance together, you will not only create beautiful memories but also strengthen the bond that will last a lifetime.


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