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The Ultimate Guide to Building an Impressive Modelling Portfolio. How to become a model?

Model Portfolio
Model Portfolio

What is a Modelling portfolio?

In this blog, professional fashion photographer - Ash of MagicEye Design, defines explains a modelling portfolio is, discusses the importance of building one, outlines the process with a step-by-step guide, and provides tips to help you improve the quality of your portfolio. The pictures are a selection from a modelling portfolio shot by Ash of a young and talented 15 year old lady > Instagram > @colestuart_. who is an aspiring model in Northern Ireland.

Many models start their careers by sending a portfolio to various agencies. A portfolio typically includes photographs of different poses, styles, and backgrounds that highlight a model's features and skill set. Learning the steps to building a remarkable portfolio can help you attract your ideal representation.

What is a modelling portfolio? How to become a model?

A modelling portfolio typically includes 10 to 30 professional photographs highlighting a model's skills and versatility. Upcoming models usually send this collection to agencies to gain representation and secure future work. Agencies may also request a portfolio to determine your suitability for potential shoots and other opportunities. You can make your portfolio available as a digital collection or create a physical copy in the form of a photo book.

How to create a modelling portfolio

Consider following these steps when creating a portfolio:

1. Decide on a niche

A vital step in building your portfolio is deciding what type of modelling work you want to do. There are many different styles that might interest you. For instance, you can focus on working for fitness brands or designers. Making this choice can help guide other decisions, such as styling options or photographer collaborations, so you can target your chosen industry and curate your photographs to reflect your interests. You might also find a niche by considering which industry best complements your features or body type.

2. Hire a qualified team

The photographs you include in your portfolio often reflect the quality of your team. Some essential team members include photographers, hairstylists, and makeup artists. These professionals contribute to the overall quality of your portfolio, which can help make you more appealing to agencies. MagicEye Design, for instance, can suggest poses or retouch images in ways a casual or a hobbyist photographer is unlikely to achieve. MagicEye has works with talented hairstylists and makeup artists to highlight your best features while retaining your natural appearance.

3. Practise your poses

While a professional team can contribute to the quality of your photographs, it's best to know which poses are more likely to result in great images. Mastering different poses requires various levels of practice. You might even draw inspiration from the portfolios of more accomplished models. A portfolio with compelling poses is likely to perform better than one with basic or unprofessional poses. MagicEye Design gives you the necessary guidance from step 1 onwards.

4. Select a package as per your budget for the photoshoot

A well-organized photoshoot is critical for obtaining the photographs you need for a portfolio. You might organize multiple shoots to produce your desired images, but if you have a limited budget, organizing all your looks for a single photoshoot can help you save money. Communicate with us ahead of time to ensure your vision is clear and we work with you to support you through out. Preparing your wardrobe in advance can also help you change into multiple outfits and try different poses.

5. Print a photo book

After the photoshoot, work alongside your photographer to select the best images for your portfolio. Consider putting them in a visually compelling order. You can also devote a section to your details, such as your age, height, body measurements, and distinguishing features.

6. Digitize your portfolio

A photo book is an excellent way to make an impression when meeting with agents personally, but this only accounts for a portion of your potential meetings. Digitizing your portfolio or creating a complementary website makes sharing your photographs and building a following on social media platforms much easier. Your website can have an About Me section and provide links to relevant features, commercials, or photoshoots. Website-building products or web designers can help you set up and manage your website.

MagicEye Design has more than 2 decades of experience of working with more than a thousand models on various commercial assignments across the globe. We know the industry inside out, and can give you that vitally honest support and guidance with launching your modelling career.


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