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What is the average price of wedding photography in Belfast?

Hello, I think you’ve landed here because you are researching the prices for a wedding photographer in Belfast? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Belfast for over 12 years and am a full time professional with my studio and office in Twin Spires Business Park, Belfast. A lot of photographers offering wedding photography services either work part time or from their homes, but as I am fully committed towards my passion i.e., photography, and am quite good in what I do, hence was able to convert it to successful and full-time profession.

The Price of a Professional Wedding photographer in Northern Ireland will vary from £700 to £2500. The price you pay quite often reflects the quality of work you get but it’s not always. There are some photographers who charge low and do a decent job but I do believe mostly they lack in a specific style. Their work usually looks the same to lots of other photographers. At the high end of pricing its slightly different - you are paying mostly for exclusivity as these photographers probably want to shoot less weddings (usually between 10 and 20 per year). Full time professional photographers such as myself, not only shoot weddings but also, because of the experience and talent, work on big budgeted advertising campaigns, commercial work etc. and have usually lots of experience. That allows to keep the wedding packages as priced very competitively because wedding photography is not the only revenue stream I depend on.

A full-time professional like myself would invest heavily every year in upgrading to newer and ever-changing technological upgrades whether be multiple cameras, lenses & other equipment, computers and software etc. Plus, investment in insurance, and offering that extra peace of mind to my customers of dealing with a reputed business like MagicEye Design to cover all risks, and not just gambling their big day celebrations by depending on a part-time freelance hobbyist /amateur photographer who happens to have a website, chancing his/her arm to get a few wedding photography orders from friends and family.

The average wedding photographer prices in Northern Ireland is around £1500. This is what you can expect to pay on average with MagicEye Design.

I actually have a printed catalogue & rate card with a comparison table of price vs select packages which I can post or email. I can also create a customised package including video and drone coverage depending on customers needs. My motto is to not only to make my customers satisfied, but Happy! And I always try to go the extra mile to get that.

I hope this answers your questions. If you would like to see some full weddings of mine, please email me to book a 100% free and no obligation consultation over coffee at my studio or virtually on Zoom.

You can see my packages, pictures and short videos here.

Thank you and best wishes,


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