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Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Generally speaking, by the time one is prepared to book a venue for their wedding, most people already tend to have a preference re the venue, this could be because of many reasons e.g. they attended someone's wedding at that venue and enjoyed it, had heard a lot of praise of the venue, or had just casually visited the venue before and loved it. However, incase

We shot this beautiful wedding at Belfast Castle
Reshma & Mark at Belfast City Castle

1. Choose a venue to suit your taste

Every couple is unique, so work as a team to find a venue that includes both of your tastes. Whether you go for a modern loft, a simple beach wedding, a modern hotel, or a grand manor house, choose a venue to suit your personalities combined into one!

2. Stick to your Budget

Yes, it’s true! Finding a gorgeous venue is possible, even on the smallest of budgets. Talk to your partner and decide on how much you’d like to spend on a venue – use ‘budget calculator tools on websites like’ to guide you as to how much to spend on your venue based on your budget. 

How about having an intimate ceremony at the top of a windmill venue hire from just £200? Being on a budget and being innovative can still be beautiful!

3. Location

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to position your wedding. You’re likely to have family and friends across the country (or perhaps across the world!), so choosing a location will be key to making sure everyone can attend. Consider elderly relatives who may not be able to travel very far or walk up stairs, and it might be worth looking somewhere with great transport connections if everyone is coming from far and wide!

We have shot at almost every location in Belfast
Reshma & Mark @ Good Shepherd Church, Belfast

4. Space

Take into consideration the size of your guest list and what you want to happen on the day. Make sure your venue can accommodate for your large party of 300, or has the perfect intimate ceremony space for you and your 10 guests.

We shot this wedding in Lamon Hotel, Belfast
Our beautiful couple in gardens near Lamon Hotel

5. Keep an Open Mind

Not every venue will take your breath away. However, some unexpected venues may actually make your wedding day perfect! Keep your mind open to different ideas, themes and locations if possible, as you may be surprised at what you find! How about tying the knot in a riverside cabin, at the zoo, or at a stunning Opera House?!

6. Listen to Recommendations

On your big day, you’ll want everything to run smoothly from dawn until dusk. Read reviews and recommendations of your prospective venues to see how their day went, and make sure your wedding service is 5*!

7. Stay in Control

Write a list of non-negotiable things you want to include in your day, and make sure your venue fits in with this. If you want a particular caterer, an ice sculpture and fireworks on your wedding day, make it happen! If a venue can cater for this, then you know you’re on the right path to creating the perfect day.

8. Consider the Lighting

One of the most forgotten elements to your wedding day is lighting. There’s not much point having a gorgeous venue if nobody can see it! Make sure there is plenty of lighting to compliment the spaces and your wedding theme.  Stay well away from fluorescent or ultraviolet lighting (unless you’re having a glow in the dark wedding, that is!) And if all else fails, create your own stunning lighting! Also, it is a good idea to think like a creative photographer and pick how many great spots for photography does the venue offer both inside and outside.

For a budget wedding, we just drove around to have some pics shot at free locations
Free Locations can be an asset

9. Visit More than Once

Always go and see your top venue choices two or three times before you make a decision. And there’s no rush to sign on the dotted line…take your time as your venue will affect every other choice you make in regards to your upcoming wedding. Eeeek!

Free to use locations can also come in handy

10. Make sure you get ‘the feeling’!

You know when that feeling of butterflies appears in your stomach, and you can totally envisage yourself walking down the aisle in an unforgettable venue? That’s ‘the feeling’, and it normally means it’s the perfect venue for you!

We at MagicEye Design have shot weddings at many many venues in Northern Ireland and abroad and if you need first hand review for a wedding venue, please feel free to email us.


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